The Rectification Of Twin Adult People

Rectification (definition of the Birth Time and Birth Chart) is not an easy study. Defining the birth time asking right questions are very important. Questions should be about four life elements. To be emotional indicates the Water Element, to be more logical after 28-30 years of age indicates The Air Element, to be more materialistic indicates The Earth Element, to be more in hurry and generous indicates The Fire. Defining the Saturn and Pluton is also important and efficient way to define the time. Every person has difficulties in life. What sort of difficulty he has is to be found asking right questions about the Houses? For instance, if that person has terrible life with his father (family) in bad angles Pluton or Saturn is in 4 house. If that person has terrible marriage checking the 7th House is important if there is either Saturn or Pluto.


What about the twins?

Why are twins different? How are we going to observe Twin brothers and Sisters?

The God has crated everything in pairs and twins. Plus Minus, black white, woman man, sweet bitter etc. The God tore the absence in two pieces in existence. Everything can exist with its opposite.  So that is why twins are different personalities and the second child in Twins is so different and never reflects his birth chart, contrarily second child reflects the opposite of his/her birth chart.

How can the second Twin’s Birth Chart/Time be defined?

This is really hard job, because you have to reverse everything in his life. You have to take the birth chart and change the Horoscopes place than you have to observe the reversed birth chart then you can get correct chart to comment.

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